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What · Would · Will · Eat?

Wake up there, fellow Fat Fallacists!

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Okay, I'll get this party [re]started...

A list of foods I never would have thought of making before TFF but now it seems essential:

1. Salad dressing. [We were going over to my mother's house and she asked us what kind of dressing she should buy for us and I honestly couldn't say.]

2. White bread. [I would go broke buying baguettes every day, so I just make them. It's easier than you think.]

3. Cookies. [Because I used to just figure store bought was good enough.]

4. Chicken with the skin left on. [And we all know the skin is the best part.]

Now, you go!

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On February 23rd, 2005 10:47 pm (UTC), yogabootybaby commented:
1. Frozen broth cubes

2. Chicken with the skin on!

3. Whole fat yogurt

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